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Online training allows managers and organisations to train staff members in a virtual way over the internet through a computer, tablet, smartphone or other comparable device. It may include: Asynchronous training like e-learning modules, movie, and facilitated chat forums, that people can access anytime they desire to. Offline training may consist of live classroom sessions with professional and experienced coaches. This sort of instruction is generally imparted by technical firms who hire qualified and competent employees who have finished their certification and education. They also provide support services and online community for employees to interact with one another.

It is crucial to get an summary of how companies go about utilizing blended learning and online training strategies. To get a close look at it, let us have a better look in the internet training strategy used by Microsoft. Microsoft provides its employees a wide range of online training tools, including:

This online training resource is a powerful tool for teaching workers. It helps workers learn new technical skills. Moreover, online training helps them improve their technical competency and build new technical proficiency. Employees who have engaged in online employee training have revealed to become more engaged in their tasks, have developed better social skills, and have managed to obtain more recent occupation skills. Additionally, they have improved their job performance and have obtained better job satisfaction.

Online learning management program provides guidance for teachers too in imparting online training options for their pupils. However, teachers need to see that this online learning alternative is not enough by itself. Online training has to be complemented by a suitable blended learning approach, which would be a more efficient way of engaging the right people in the right ways.

An online training management system coupled with a suitable mix of live meetings, webinars, discussion forums and online videos can help to deliver customized lessons and training for the right people. With an interactive internet based video and discussion forum, workers can share real life issues, gain information about new skills, and form professional relationships with one another. This way, workers gain valuable information in their own supervisors/trainers and can share that knowledge with their peers. For example, they can use the discussion forums to examine real-life issues like: business policies and goals, handling work procedures, problem solving methods, communication skills, time management methods, along with others.

Another way by which online training can be made more effective is through the incorporation of live, hands-on practice sessions with a suitable training program. As an example, a branch supervisor could plan a session, with the support of live video conference, on training new workers. Together with the live video conferencing feature, employees can join the conference even from distant locations; thus, no travel cost is incurred. In the same way, branch managers can also include discussion boards and other interactive elements like whiteboards, surveys etc. into the sessions, so that workers can use the knowledge learned during the course efficiently.

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